Brother SE1800

Why You Need the Brother SE1800 Today!

Sewing and embroidery can be as easy as pie with the Brother SE1800. This dual purpose machine comes with lots of bells and whistles to make your stitching a breeze. Why waste another dollar on a sewing machine alone? Or even an embroidery machine alone? You can get both in one incredible device and with a quality that can’t be beat!


Stop wasting your time on devices that end up jamming and ruining your projects. Stop wishing for better designs, fonts, and patterns. The BrotherSE1800 has everything you need to change your visions into reality. From personalizing your household items to creating that perfect gift, this machine does it all.

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Who is it for?

The Brother SE1800 is for both beginners and experts alike.

Have no fear! It is simple enough to get out of the box and start using immediately. Beginners will like the ease of use and simple instructions. It is easy to learn quickly and won’t waste your time deciphering a book just to start one project. Step 1: Take machine out of box. Step 2: Create!

Professionals will love the countless options to exploit their creativity. Not to mention the quality of the work itself. This machine will turn out great pieces that will have you stunned at your own talents. The stitch work is impeccable and will have you wondering why you used any other machine before this. It will even have other asking where you bought your completed project from!

Who is it NOT for?

While the Brother SE1800 is a masterpiece, it does come at a price. The cost is a little steep. However, I will point out that you are getting not just a sewing machine or not just an embroidery machine. You are getting TWO machines in ONE. When taking this into consideration, the price really isn’t so bad.

So, if you are on a tight budget or maybe just a little thrifty, this might not be the machine for you.

If you aren’t going to be using it very frequently or aren’t extremely interested in the craft, maybe you could go with a less expensive model to get the feel for it first. Even better yet, taking a class first to see that this is what you want to do or how you want to use your creativity, is a great idea.

Even with its negatives, this machine is still far superior over many sewing and embroidery machines.

What features does it have?

This machines features are endless. If you have any sort of sewing or embroidery project to do, chances are the Brother SE1800 will be able to handle it.

Embroidering enthusiasts will love that there is a 5×7 inch embroidery field as well as a 5×12 inch multi position frame. A backlit LCD display screen allows you to search through 136 built-in designs and 6 embroidery fonts. From flowers to patterns, frame shapes to borders, you are sure to find just the combination you want and need. It even has built-in memory so you can reuse favorites!

The Brother SE1800 has 184 built-in sewing stitches that are sure to impress you. There are 10 buttonhole styles and an exuberant amount of beautiful stitch work. You can even import designs or create your own and upload to the machine using the incredibly handy USB port. Simply use your own USB and plug it in to become the artist you are.

On the more basic end, there are a few features that will make your life easier.

What do you typically do if you have an issue with a product? Do you try and figure it out yourself or do you read the manual? What if you could just ask the machine itself? Well, in a way, you can! You can use the help button feature on the display screen. Finally, an easier way to get the answers to your questions and fast!

Everyone loves automatic features. Luckily, the Brother SE1800 doesn’t disappoint here either!

Do you remember helping grandma thread the needle? I do and I remember how hard it was when I was little. You have to have nimble fingers and a keen eye to do it! This machine has an automatic threader so you don’t have to worry about it!

The automatic thread cutter makes the tedious job of cutting thread with tiny scissors non-existent. You can even sew without a sew pedal with the handy variable speed control and sewing start/stop button. The bulbs light up your work area so you can see clearly as your design forms before your eyes.

The jam resistant quick-set top load drop in bobbin ensures you have a smooth and clean stitch every time. The fact that the bobbin cover is clear allows you to view when you are running low on thread. No more squinting for you!

It also has built in quilting stitches for all you quilters out there. You can make that gorgeous quilt you have always wanted to now with ease! Remember those amazing quilts that have been handed down from generation to generation? Almost every family has one. This can be your contribution to a family heirloom. Even an adorable baby quilt for a new life is a splendid way to show how much you care by making it yourself.

Finally, if you are in a real hurry, this baby can turn out 850 stitches per minute! Don’t let another sewing machine bog you down. Complete your designs in a timely manner and enjoy them sooner than ever.

[pullquote align=”normal”]You are getting TWO machines in ONE. It also has built in quilting stitches[/pullquote]

What are the cons?

Every machine has their flaws and this one is no different. While there are very few, it is worth pointing them out before purchasing.

The backlit LCD display screen has poor resolution. While a great feature in theory, if you are unable to view your designs properly, you can end up with a completed project that you did not envision.

It can be difficult to get the hoop on. While it seems like a small flaw, it can be frustrating when you want to work on a project. This seems to be a flaw on this model in particular.

Lastly, if you are a novice at this, you may struggle with the tension. The experienced user will have no issue with making adjustments. If you are new to this, there are a lot of great videos out there to walk you through this problem and just about any other issues that may arise.

What accessories are included?

This handy duo comes with an array of accessories sure to meet your standards. A hard machine case is included so you can travel safely with your Brother SE1800 and in style. It also comes with 11 sewing feet. It even comes with a buttonhole. The Brother SE1800 has overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind stitch, and button fitting as well.

Brother SE1800 included sewing feet

Included sewing feet

Brother SE1800 included accessories

Included accessories

The stitch guide is sure to make your job easier and more enjoyable. The adjustable zipper piping is a great added bonus! The non-stick and open-toe feet ensure a sturdy fit no matter where you place this terrific piece of technology.

It doesn’t get much more fancy than this. All of these accessories will enable the inner artist in you to come out. You will have a project list a mile long in no time!

Common Questions

What’s the difference between this and the PE770 machine?

So, why the SE1800 over the PE770?

The SE1800 is larger and therefore able to handle larger projects. It also has that outstanding quality of being able to both sew and embroider. You really cannot go wrong with either machine but if you are planning on doing both types of work, or want to buy the next level up, I would highly suggest getting the SE1800.

Is there a USB port on the embroidery machine?

Yes! This is a great way to upload any design you could possibly think of, including your own. Yes, you can actually make your own designs and upload them to this machine to do. That is some savvy crafting!

Not only that, but once you purchase this product, you will have access to This site has designs beyond your wildest dreams. From monograms to name brand designs such as Disney, you cannot go wrong. While it is an additional purchase, it is well worth it for the avid embroiderer.

With the option to download different designs, you can make personalized gifts for those you love. Make a great baby shower or bridal shower gift. There are even name brand images such as Disney that you can incorporate into your designs. You can now create a fun Nickelodeon embroidered item for your child’s birthday! Personalized gifts are so much more meaningful than others and now you can have the capability to make beautiful items that look store bought.

Can this machine appliqué?

Yes! Yes, it can applique! Did you have any doubts? The Brother SE1800 has a sideways sewing feature. This is great for applique and cylindrical sewing. Brother boasts being able to sew both horizontally and vertically without rotating the fabric! Try buying a $50.00 machine that can do that!

Can I download more fonts?

This is another yes! You can create your own fonts on your computer and transfer it to your machine with a USB. If you are feeling especially creative that is.

Not up to the challenge or work of making your own font? No problem! You can go to a site of your choice, download the font to your USB and transfer over. Even better yet, with your access to, it will be easy to find more fonts than ever and upload to your device. Creating the project you want couldn’t get any simpler.

[pullquote align=”normal”]The Brother SE1800 is a fantastic way to create your dream sewing and embroidery projects. [/pullquote]

The Verdict

The Brother SE1800 is a fantastic way to create your dream sewing and embroidery projects. You can stop pining over beautiful designs and make them yourself! Remember when you had to scrimp and save to purchase beautiful embroidery work from a store? Not anymore with this fancy machine!

From making button holes to creating elaborate embroidery work, this machine is the best fit for the job. The sewing and embroidery duo is a show stopper that won’t disappoint in your creative endeavors.

There are virtually limitless options for creating the project you want. Scroll through countless designs to pick the perfect one for you. If you don’t see something you like, then simply hop online to find what you do like.

Beyond the trendy designs, the quality of work is magnificent and beyond measure in this field. You are always going to end up with a great looking product no matter your experience level.

Move over Pinterest, there’s a new crafting expert in town! Its partner in crime? The Brother SE1800.

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