Why We Love Stitching

The needle and the thread have been an important part of human culture since even before history was recorded.  In fact, in many cases needlework has been used as the recorder of history itself.  From ancient tapestries to, hand stitched rugs, and embroidered clothing.  Needlework is a common thread in all histories and cultures.  We at The Stitcher’s Den want to continue the long traditions of needleworking.

If you love art and beauty then you should also love needlework.  Curtains, pillows, and of course the clothes we wear are all things that we use to decorate our lives.  Stitching, sewing, and embroidery help to make our days more cozy and more beautiful.  Even something as small as a flower stitched into a t-shirt can make all the difference in your mood.

Another reason to love needlework is that it’s just plain fun!  Your creativity is virtually limitless with a needle and thread.  You can embroider fun and creative images into your clothes, pillows, or anything else.  You can also create your own clothes, pillows, or curtains!  Needlework is a great avenue for a creative mind.

What We Are

Here at The Stitcher’s Den we want to promote and encourage the wonderful art of needleworking.  From reviews of sewing and embroidery machines, to needleworking instructions, templates, and how-to’s.

We also believe that these crafts are fun and engaging hobbies for young people.  The Stitcher’s Den is here to be a resource for young beginners who want to learn the basics and perhaps need their first embroidery machine.

We are here to support stitchers at every level.